About The Little Heat Retreat

Find us at 33 Long John Hill, NR1 2EJ.  The sauna is tucked away in the garden.

There is a beautiful outside shower area (cold water) and we highly recommend leaving the sauna every 15 – 20 minutes to cool down.  The cold shower is a huge part of the experience and has amazing health benefits.

To reschedule your appointment, you must cancel at least 48 hours before booking. Please do so to avoid the forfeiture of your booking fee.

We ask that you don’t bring any alcohol or drugs with you, and it goes without saying that we don’t allow any food inside the sauna!

Your group will have sole access to our cosy garden studio, where you can change, store your belongings securely use the bathroom and have a hot shower afterwards.  Please bring 2 towels as your sauna towel will get wet and then you have a dry one for after your hot shower.

Our sauna heater is electric and powered by solar.  You can pour hot water on the coals, and we’ll chat “sauna aroma” when you arrive so you can get the most out of your Löyly (sauna steam) by choosing essential oils to enhance your experience.   

The sauna can comfortably seat 6, and there is plenty of space for three people to lie down.

Please bring your bathing suit and two towels, one to sit on in the sauna, which will get wet, so it’s great to have a dry one for your post-sauna hot shower.  We also recommend bringing flip-flops or sliders to wear between the shower, sauna and studio and a water bottle to keep hydrated. 

Sauna sessions are only open to individuals 18 years old and above.  If you’d like to book a family sauna session with U18s, please get in touch.   

We have limited parking spaces available. Three cars can park on the driveway.  We encourage car sharing or cycling.  Bikes can be parked securely in the garden.  You can find free parking down the bottom of Long John Hill outside Long John Hill Fish Bar.

We suggest against using the sauna if you are expecting a baby, but this is left to your discretion.