Sustainable Sauna Experience

Our eco-friendly sauna is powered by solar energy, making our sauna sessions sustainable and planet-friendly.  Built-in speakers provide a chilled ambience with relaxing playlists.  If you add our Aromatherapy-Infused ice balls to your experience you can choose your preferred essential oil blend on arrival to fill your sauna with delicious aroma.

The sauna comfortably accommodates up to six people and is a beautiful space to gather with friends without technology or distractions and be truly present for one another.  

Our cosy garden studio is yours for the duration, there is a warm shower in the studio to use after your sauna.  It’s a private, relaxing space to get changed or to chill out before or after your sauna. You can help yourself to drinks from our Garden Bar Menu or choose our Sauna & Mocktails experience.  

Prices start at just under £12 per person for a one-hour session (in a group of 6).  All experiences have a flat rate for 2-6 people, so your group can share the costs accordingly.