Simply Sauna

Step into the heat of the sauna for one hour of relaxation.  Let the warmth soothe your muscles as calming music sets the mood.  This group price can be split and shared between 2 and 6 people.

For a real treat for the senses, add aromatherapy-infused ice balls.

£70.00 60 minutes

Please note, that you won’t be able to extend your stay to two hours, so if you or anyone in your group would like to add a deeper layer of relaxation with a longer stay or with massage, please choose the Sauna and Massage or Sauna Bliss options.

Our Other Sauna Services

Sauna Bliss

£120.00 2 hours

Sauna and Massage

£170.00 2 hours

Sauna and Firepit

£140.00 2 hours